Tata /Tatiana/ Tvalchrelidze

1940-92 / film historian

Tata graduated from the theatre history studies department of the Shota Rustaveli Theatre Institute in 1963 and then studied at the Art History Institute of the Russian Federative Soviet Socialist Republic in Moscow. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on "the actor in Georgian film".

From 1972 until the end of her life, she taught at Tbilisi State University, where she established a film department together with Tamaz Kvariani. Thanks to her uncompromising nature she managed to turn the department into a relative oasis of academic freedom.

In 1987 Tata founded a laboratory for the study of the language and structure of film at the university, which she headed until her death. Her critical letters always defied the ideologized paradigm and always led to interesting debates in the film community.