Elisabed /Liziko/ Kavtaradze

1905-88 / writer, dissident

Elisabed is the daughter of Kaikhosro Kavtaradze, a famous social-federalist and once-head of the Tbilisi archive. In 1922 she entered the law faculty of Tbilisi State University and joined an underground Marxist youth organization.

In 1928 she was arrested in Sukhumi and accused of "anti-Soviet activities". She was first placed in the Metekhi prison in Tbilisi and later, in 1929, sent to Tomsk Region in Russia. She returned to Tbilisi in 1936 but was arrested again in 1940 and sent to the Akmola Camp for Female Traitors to the Homeland. She spent a total of 28 years of her life in prison camps. In 1956 she returned to Georgia and was formally rehabilitated by the state in 1987 she was elected to the board of the Ilia Chavchavadze Society. She greatly influenced a number of important figures in the national liberation movement of the 1980s.

She is the author of the following works: "Man cannot live on knowledge alone", "The woman with the bandaged jaw", "Premature dream", "Why did you do it without asking us?", "Grandma's card" and "Unaddressed postcard".