Irina Khantadze

Education: MA in Legal Sciences

Position: Director at the Center for Training and Consultancy.

Work Interests: Cooperation between civil and business sectors, development of philanthropy, education policy and non-formal adult education.

Languages: Russian, English.

City: Tbilisi

Email: irina.khantadze[at]


Irina has been involved in civil society development programs since 1997. In 1999, she joined newly founded Center for Training and Consultancy CTC. Since 2004 she is an executive director of the organization. Under her leadership, the center has implemented various initiatives focused on strengthening of civil society organizations and supporting civil education. Irina is one of the founders and the first chairperson of Georgian Adult Education Association. She was representing South Caucasus region in the European Adult Education Association board as well. In 2013 she was one of the initiators and leaders to start a coalition “Education for All – Georgia”. Currently it unites 10 Georgian civil society organizations and advocates changes for improving quality and access to education. Irina is also a member of the advisory board of Millennium Challenge education program in Georgia.