Lia Jaqeli

Liana Jaqeli
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ლია ჯაყელი

Education: Philologist, Georgian language and literature

Position: Chair of the union “StudioMobile – Accent on Action”

Research Interests: Human Rights

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian, Czech

City: Tbilisi

Email: studiolia(at) 


Lia Jaqeli worked as a translator since she graduated from the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, faculty of philology. During 1986-2002 Lia was an editor of “The Main Editorial Board of Artistic Translation and Literary Relations” (later “Caucasian House” – the Centre for Cultural Relations). In 1999 she founded NGO  “StudioMobile – Accent on Action” together with her friends. This organisation works into two directions in order to protect human rights: portable educational events and alternative media-production.


  • Poems and translated works in different periodicals;
  • Documentaries:
  1. Mom, Dad, I’m Gay (2013)
  2. The Price of Being ME (2011)
  3. Qedeli (2010)
  4. All-Important (2008)
  5. Codes and Verses (2006)
  6. Where Are You My Suliko (2006)
  7. Dress Rehearsal (2004)
  8. I Don’t Know (2004)
  9. Invisible (2003)
  10. To Be a Worthy Woman (2001)