Helen Khoshtaria

Education: Moscow State Institute of International Relations, (MFA, Russia), Specialist in International Security (diploma with honors)                                                                                                                                                                          

Position: Co-founder of GRASS

Research Interests: Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Conflict, minority issues

Languages: Georgian – native; Russian – fluent; English – fluent; German – good.

City: Tbilisi,Georgia

Email:  Helen_khoshtaria[at]yahoo.com


In 2002 Helen Khoshtaria has made an internship at the Moscow Helsinki Group, as well as at the Embassy of Georgia in the Russian Federation. In 2004 worked as a coordinator of the international relations in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, following as a head of International Relations Department. In 2004 Helen’s  Position changed as a Deputy Head of NATO Integration and International Relations Department in the Ministry of Defense. In 2004-2006 worked as a the Head of Euro-Atlantic Department and then in 2007 as a First Deputy State Minister at the office of the State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. In 2012, Helen became co–founder of non-partisan, non-governmental policy watchdog and think tank “Georgia’s Reforms Associates”(GRASS), simultaneously worked in Agrarian and Free Universities Manager for Faculty Development, development of the library and Publishing House.


  1. 2014 - Policy Brief A new stage in the relations between Georgia and Russia: necessity to form an anti-annexation strategy”;
  2.  2014 - Policy Brief “Amendments in the immigration policy and challenges resulting from it”.


In September 2014, Helen Khoshtaria was one of the main speakers on the HBF public debates "Integration with NATO and perspectives of conflict transformation".