Nana Pantsulaia

Education: Oriental Studies

Position: Executive Director, Women’s Fund in Georgia

Research Interests: Women’s rights and gender justice; Supporting women’s movement, feminist activism and WHRDs; Feminist philanthropy

Languages: Russian, English, Turkish

City: Tbilisi



Nana graduated from the Department of Oriental Studies from the Tbilisi State University after which she worked as a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies till 1998. In 1994-1997 she lectured at the Georgian Institute of Asian and African Studies and taught Turkish art. In 1995-1998 she worked at the non-governmental organization “Child and Environment” and was heading its cultural programs. In 1998, she founded the non-governmental organization, Educational Cooperation and Development Center (ECDC) and served as an executive director of the organization till 2005. She is working in the Women’s Fund in Georgia (WFG) for the position of executive director since 2005.


Co-author and author of:                                                                                                                           

1. “Philanthropy - Theory and Practice” (in Georgian), Tbilisi, 2004                                                     

2. “A Handbook for Women’s Organizations” (in Georgian), Tbilisi, 2003 

3. “Philanthropy Lessons” (in Georgian), 26 issues, Tbilisi, 2002-2004                                                                   

4. “Georgian Philanthropy – Past, Present, Future Paradigms” (in Georgian and English), Tbilisi, 2002