Baia Pataraia

Education: Lawyer

Position: Director of SCO Union “Sapari”

Research Interests: antidiscrimination law, women’s human rights, minority law, international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, non-for-profit law.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian

City: Tbilisi



Baia Pataraia is a PHD student of Public International Law at New Vision University (since 2014). Hold LLM in International Human Rights Law from Central European University (2006) and Master’s degree from in International Law from Tbilisi State University (2004). 2009-2013 worked at Ministry of Justice of Georgia on various managerial positions. Since 2008 has been a visiting lecturer at various universities in Georgia. Since 2012 has been involved in feminist activism with Independent Group of Feminists, is a member of women’s movement. Since 2013 is a director of SCO Union “Sapari”.


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