Nvard Margaryan

Education: Yerevan State University, Faculty of Sociology, Social Work (2005-2009, 2009-2011), Master's Degree

Position: President of PINK Armenia NGO (Public Information and Need of Knowledge)

Research Interests: Human Rights, Human Rights of minorities, Sexuality and Gender

Languages: Armenian, Russian and English

City: Yerevan, Armenia

Email: coordinator(at)pinkarmenia.org


From 2007 Nvard has been actively involved in different civil society initiatives in Armenia. She has experience of working as a practical social worker with the groups, such as children in special institutions (day care centers, night care centers, as well as prison for juveniles), people from different nationalities and with non-Armenian ethnic belonging, and women.

Starting from 2008, she got involved in LGBT movement in Armenia with the organization PINK Armenia. From 2008 she was volunteering, but since 2010 she has been hired as an employee in the organization. In 2015, February she has been elected as the President of the organization.

Currently Nvard is actively involved in the feminist movement in Armenia. She is one of the active members of the platforms such as Feminist Platform of Armenia, Young Women's Network of South Caucasus, as well as Coalition to Stop Violence against Women.


2013 - "Human Rights Situation of LGBT people in Armenia", Yerevan, Armenia;

2011 - "Moral mistresses of the kitchen: eyewink into the past", "As You" e-mag, Yerevan, Armenia.