Tamara Hovnatanyan

Education:  Yerevan State University, Women’s Leadership Training in USA

Position: Head of ProMedia-Gender NGO, Editor-in-chief of the Newspaper Insert Woman and Politics” and  Website WomenNet.am

Research Interests: gender journalism, women’s political  participation, women in decision making,  women’s economic empowerment, gender mainstreaming  of development program, rural women, women and peacemaking, woman’s image in media.  

 Languages: Armenian, Russian, English (basic)

City: Yerevan, Armenia

Email:  tamahov(at)yahoo.com


Tamara Hovnatanyan has 20 years of experience in Gender studies and Gender Journalism. She  started her work dedicated to protection of women's rights in 1995 as one of the founding members of the Armenian  Association of Women with University Education (AAWUE).

In 2006 Tamara became the founder and the president of ProMedia-Gender NGO, which unites journalists and gender experts. ProMedia-Gender NGO is an independent think tank  with the mission of protection of rights and interests of women and promotion and popularization in Mass-Media of ideas of gender equality.  Organization is well known by its “Woman and Politics” newspaper insert and  WomenNet.am  informational and analytical portal (in three languages). Tamara  is  the  editor-in-chief  of “Woman and Politics” Newspaper insert (since 2007) and WomenNet.am website (since 2011).

She is continuously involved in gender researches specifically in the area of women's political participation and has experience in monitoring and gender mainstreaming of documents and development programs. She is Gender Expert and Trainer,   Member of Advisory Council of the Global fund  for Women.  She has been an active participant of all Beijing processes, as well as of monitoring of implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and CEDAW in Armenia.

Tamara works also  as Parliamentary Correspondent and Political Analyst  in  “Novoe Vremya” daily( since 2000).


Tamara Hovnatanyan is an author of more than 25 researches and publications on gender issues in Politics and Economics and more than 2000 political articles in periodical press.

  1. Monitoring of the Implementation of Beijing Platform for Action (BPA),Beiging+20 in Armenia / 2014
  2. Mainstreaming Gender in the EU Assistance and Support to Gender AP in Armenia.  Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit. EU, May 2014
  3. Gender Mainstreaming  of  RA Rural and Agricultural  Sustainable Development Strategy for 2015-2025 , November 2014
  4. Manual on Gender Mainstreaming of the Socio-Economic Development Programs,  August 2014
  5. The Pilot study “Access to education in Armenia: gender issues”, February 2014
  6.  “The role and potential of women in agricultural value chain” baseline study  , 2013
  7. Alternative Report about  Implementation of the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in the Republic of Armenia in 2009-2013
  8. Women’s Political Participation in the 2012 Parliamentary Elections. the analytical survey, Yerevan 2012
  9. Gender monitoring  and  media content analysis on:  “Woman’s Image in Armenian    Media” ,  Yerevan 2011
  10. Study on Causes of Women’s under representation in decision-making. Yerevan 2008
  11. “Peace – the choice of the society” (results of the sociological survey),Yerevan, 2000  and others