Nana Bagalishvili

Education: BA European studies; MA student of Management of culture

Position: Head of NGO “Civic Initiative”; Founder of “Initiative Group of Tsnoi”; PR manager at “Badagi”

Research Interests: Youth in regions; Decentralization of self-government; Urban culture; Minorities

Languages: Georgian; English; Polish (beginner)

City: Tsnori (Municipality of Sighnaghi)

Email:  nana_bagalishvili[at]


In 2011-2012 Nana Bagalishvili was working with “Initiative Group of Tnori” and implemented 9 cultural-educational projects for youth of Tsnori and nearby villages with support of local business of Tnori and different CSO.

Since 2013 Nana is a head NGO “Civic Initiative”. She works with her team to build educational and cultural spaces for youth in regions of Georgia (at the moment the organization is concentrated on municipality of Sighnaghi).

Since 2015 Nana has been working as a PR manager at Badagi, company of Georgian sweets/Churchkhela.

In 2015 together with the team of “Civic Initiative” Nana created a youth non-formal space in Tsnori, which curently works with youth programs. At the same time, she is also a trainer on the issues of creative Fundrising and Community Mobilization.

Nana Bagalishvili is a member of Green Academy of the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation.