Ninia Kakabadze

Education: film scholar, journalist.

Woking Topics: modern Georgian and world movies; freedom of media; human rights; religious and ethnic minorities; lgbt rights; women’s rights; socio-economically disadvantaged groups;  minor’s rights; domestic policy.  

Languages: Georgian, Russian, English.

E-mail: ninia15(at)


Since 1997, Ninia is working for different media outlets – tv, radio, printied medea (TV: Second Channel,  Iberia, Rustavi 2, Maestro, ArtArea, Radio Stranger; magazines: Hot Chocholate, Gipa, 24 Hours, Inprint, Liberali).  Since 2010, Ninia is founder and member of NGO “Media Club”, which focues on the improvement of media environment and media advocacy.  

Since 2012, Ninia is a lecturer and PhD student at the Ilia State University. Her class is named as “Human Rights in the Media”.  


2011 - Supporter of Tolerance Award (Center of Tolerance at the Office of Public Defender of Georgia)