Anna Iluridze

Education: Master of Science in Gender, Development and Globalization, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Occupation: Gender and Sexuality Researcher.

Research Interests: Nationalism, sexuality and the state, representation of conflict and war, the transformation of the memory and the narrative structures.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian, and French.

City: Tbilisi

Email: Iluridze.anna(at)


Anna is a feminist lawyer with a master of science degree from London School of Economics. Currently she is researching the issues of nationalism and the ways in which the representation of the need for war is sutured with the politics of the State. She works as a researcher and an author of strategic political instruments for several projects.


2016 – „Nation, State, and Sexual Representation of the Need for War“. LSE, Gender Institute, London.

2015 – „Narrating Posp-Conflict Experience: The feminist analysis of the challenges of post-conflict existence on the borderline of war and peace“. LSE, Gender Institute, London.