Nastasia Arabuli

Education: Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, Humanitarian Studies, Georgian Philology.

Position: Host of the morning program at the Radio Liberty.

Research Interests: New media and internet communication, human rights, moder visual art, urban culture and subcultures.  

Languages: Georgian, German, English.

City: Tbilisi

E-mail: Nastasia(at)


Nastasia started working as an assistant to editor at the publishing house “Diogene” in 2005. Her first blog ( was launched in 2009. She was the author and editor of the first online Georgian musical magazine “Muzame” ( Her articles were periodically published in printed and online media: Tabula arts, Magazine of Teachers, Design Tbilisi. In 2013, Nastasia created online magazine “What I see” ( which focuses on culture and human rights.   During 2014-15 She was a host of interactive program on the Public Broadcasting “Communicator”. Now she hosts a morning program on the Radio Liberty.

From time to time Nastasia cooperated with different organizations (Marmalades, Illia State University, Bank of Georgia) as a specialist of social media and internet communications.

For her articles, please visit: