FeminStream (2015-2019)

FeminStream (2015-2019)

Project in 2019 year

The Women's Fund in Georgia with support of the Heinrich Boell Foundation Tbilisi Office  continues the project "Feminstrim", aiming at strengthening the new discussion platform in Georgian media through the creation of feminist audio podcasts.

The project aims to raise awareness about women's rights, gender equality, women's inspiration and solidarity.

Project will still use platform of an online magazine Liberali to publish feminist podcasts.

In addition to this, listening to feminist podcasts will be available on the feminist website of the Heinrich Boell Foundation's Tbilisi Office and on the Women's Fund's official page.


Project in 2018 year

In 2018 the project “FeminStream” maintained its audio podcast series format, posting weekly posts on the topics of vegan feminism, literature, women’s representation and sexuality in pop-culture, and women’s lives in the regions of Georgia.

Project in 2017 Year

Women's Fund in Georgia and the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation continued the idea of FeminStream.  Together with a new team, project about Feminist Audio Podcats was announced in March 2017.

Promotional Video of the project:

FeminStream 2017 aimed to cover Literature, Music, Movies and Art from the feminist perspective with past and new members of the team:

- Natia Gvianishvili -  Literature;
- Lili Mamulashvili - Music;
- Teo Khatiashvili - Movies;
- Khatuna Khabuliani - Art.All podcasts were uploaded here in Georgian language.

Project in 2015 Year

Women's Fund in Georgia with the financial support of the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation created a radioprogramme FeminStream. The project was implemented in cooperation with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and participation of Independent Group of Feminists.

FeminStream aimed to promote progressive public opinion on women's issues, create a new niche for discussions in Georgian radio space, which have contributed to raising awareness about women's rights, gender equality and sensitivity, and facilitate inspiration and solidarity of women.

The radio programme covered the following topics:

Dialogue of the  Day - Women's Rights issues discussed in the context of feminist theories;
Feminist Music - Information about the feminist groups and artists, presentation of feminists' cult songs;
Women's Story - Lost fame of women and their stories.

Video Recording of the programs (in Georgian language) can be listended here.

In addition, 3 articles have been written and published on our web (in Georgian):

- Natia Gvianishvili - Lesbian feminism and separation as a form of resistance;
- Eka Imerlishvili - Ugly "Beauty" Myths;
- Dako Bakhturidze - Woman, women, feminisms - rethinking of differences in feminist theory.






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