Mariam Tchantchaleishvili

Mariam Tchantchaleishvili

Education: MA in Gender Studies

Position: Researcher, Applied Research Company ARC.

Research Interests: Gender and nationalism, masculinities, body politics and women’s history.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

City:  Tbilisi

Email:  mariamtchantchaleishvili[at]


Mariam has been working as a researcher at applied research company ARC since 2014. She is a sociologist and feminist. Her MA thesis focuses on non-complicit femininities and their importance in the struggle against the patriarchal order.


2017 - Project "Read Politics": Local Elections: Gender Stereotypes and Gendered Subjects;

2017 - Identifying as bisexual woman as “sitting on the fence”

2016 - Feminist literary criticism -the hidden logic of “Khevisberi Gocha”

2015- Modernization and Gender – Example of Turkey

2014 - „Ugliness" and the revolt against Patriarchy: Repudiation of Complicit Femininity

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  • Read Politics (2016-2018)

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