Eva Lomtadze

Education: Oriental Studies, Journalist.

Position: Teacher at the Matsimi Public School (Lagodekhi municipality, Georgia); Member of the Council of the Lagodekhi Municipality.

Research Interests: History and gender, social issues.

Languages: Georgian, Russian.

City: Lagodekhi, Georgia.

Email:  evalomtadze(at)gmail.com


Eva Lomtadze was appointed as Gender Advisor of the Lagodekhi Municipality in 2014. During the same year, she was elected as the member of Lagodekhi city council.

Eva has contributed to the development and activity of non-governmental sector in Lagodekhi. Together with like-minded people, she established youth magazine. She also works for women’s and children’s rights. She works on the issues for increasing women’s political participation. 

Besides being active member of civil society, Eva is working as a public teacher for more than 15 years. Currently she is a teacher of Georgian language at the Matsimi public school, Lagodekhi municipality.  


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