Ketevan Mamukelashvili

Education:  Music critic.

Position: Art-Manager of Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Drama Theatre.

Languages:  Georgian, Russian                                                                                                                          

City:  Kutaisi 



Ketevan graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatoire in 1988. From 1991 up to date she works at the Kutaisi Central Music School as a teacher.

During 2003-2007 she held a position of coordinator and later a head of Kutaisi civil service of culture, sports and tourism. Since 2007 Ketevan works at the Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili state drama theatre firstly as PR manager and later as art-manager.

Meanwhile, since 2015 Ketevan is member of editorial board of the art, science and literature magazine “Mermisi”, where she published her articles periodically. In 2015 she also founded Meliton Balanchivadze National Contest of young musicians, held once in 2 years.