Tamar Nodarishvili

Tamar Nodarishvili Portrait

Education:   Master of Arts in Conflictology, Master of Social Sciences in Gender Studies                                                                                   

Position: Researcher

Research Interests: Herstory, Gender and Crime, Sexuality, Gender in Visual Art.

Languages: Georgian, English, German

City: Tbilisi

Email:  t.nodarishvili@gmail.com



Tamar Nodarishvili is a master in Gender Studies and a feminist. Her master thesis relates to violent crimes committed by women and the battered woman syndrome. Her research interests are gender and crime, sexuality, women history and repressions.


2018 - Babilina Khositashvili – “Life between two water”. (co-compiler)

2018 - Lidia Gasviani – Biographical Research

2016 - Violent Crimes Committed by Women in Georgia