Gender Policy of 4th President of Georgia

What did Giorgi Margvelashvili manage to accomplish in terms of gender equality, empowerement of vulnarable groups and better protection of human rights? Full article is available only in Georgian.

By Read Politics

How God Can be a Feminist?

My feminism is very close to what my niece once said - God must be very sad watching us to mess up equality between his creatures in such a way, that now we need to invent feminism.“

By Rusudan Gotsiridze

Women's Voices from the Regions

Very often, I meet women who face one and same same problem during many years: invisibility of domestic labor, responsibility to raise children, disputes with husbands and family members, or - doing all of these alone. 

By Keti Berdzenishvili

Other Butterflies in the Stomach

Once, in the kindergarten, a girl proudly announced that she had blood "right there". Probably, she heard something like that at home, but I was trully impressed. On the other day, I showed up with bandage on my left hand.  

By Guram Matskhonashvili

Who is the Mother?

The process of naming and defining the Mother is so unconventional, that we can call every newborn girl "a future mother".  

By Tamta Tatarashvili

How to talk about Motherhood?

Issues like motherhood, practice of mothering and labor it involves are naturalized as ordinary processes of women's lives, which should not be talked about. 

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Where does the Mother belong?

In this article I am describing the process of social interaction: on the one hand, how cultural expectations define indivudual fates, and on the other, how individuals reproduce frameworks based on those expectations. Full article is available only in Georgian.

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Where the Streets are Named after Women

Public spaces are not gender-neutral in Georgia, just like in most places around the world. They are designed for people who are fit, young, healthy and male. But let me give you a few examples of what it means in Georgia specifically.

By Milota Sidorova

On behalf of "Ordinary "Women"

"I have a privilege to share stories of different people from all over the world, addressed by the media as "ordinary people". Full post is available only in Georgian.

By Manana Kochladze

Open call / Feminism of My Own / Իմ ֆեմինիզմը

The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation announces an open call for short blog-posts from Armenia. Selected posts will be uploaded on under the section: “Who is not afraid of Feminism?”/Հայնրիխ Բյոլ հիմնադրամի Հարավային Կովկասի գրասենյակը Հայաստանում ընձեռում է բլոգային կարճ գրառումների հնարավորություն կայքում «Ո՞վ չի վախենում ֆեմինիզմից» սյունյակի ներքո: 

Who is a Feminist Mother?

When we become mothers ourselves, only than we start to understand our mothers and possibly, rethink attitudes towards her. As a mother of daughter, only after her birth I started realizing that a feminist consciousness will not save us from becoming an allie to the Patriarchy.   

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Make Feminism Threat Again

This is not a mistake. I am going to write exactly on this - feminism is dangarous. And it should be. 

By Tamar Tskhadadze

My Share of Feminist Anger

Our anger is demonized as irrational and we are often called a "Union of Angry Women". In my opinion, feminist anger is the most legitimate one, as we all face different modes of discrimination in our patriarchal cultures. 

By Ida Bakhturidze

Beyond the Motherhood Mask

Feminist criticism pushed motherhood discourse beyond the "natural" framework and indicated, that while naturalizing mothering process and labelling mother's labour as 'instinct', we trivialize it and create invincible barriers for those women, who cannot fulfill motherhood obligations so easily. 

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Motherhood as a Political Act

Maybe, intitutionalized image of mother is a tool to maintain control over women? Maybe, motherhood is not the instinct of every woman? And on the other hand, maybe fact and process of motherhood is more empowering for women than it is considered by the patriarchal rights and obligations? 

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Female Characters in Revaz Inanishvili's Creations

In the Georgian literature, female characters are mainly burdened with symbolic meanings while representing mothers, seducers, muses or victims, sometimes even referring to oppressed Georgia.  Revaz Inanishvili's work is very exceptional and introduces very different female characters.  

By Tika Tsiklauri

Discover Herstory

Heinrich Boell Foundation Sounth Caucasus Regional Office invites you to participate in a contest for discovering lost herstories. 

Swim Against the Flow!

It is very difficult to swim against the flow, but especially when you do it alone. 

By Sofo Japaridze

When I am not Afraid

The phrase "born for the sake of a boy" is something I am unable to forget. This was the name for girls with elder sisters, coming from the large, boy-less families.

By Ekaterine Skhiladze

Follow the Money

"If we want to change a social behavior, we have to learn how to analyze economic basis of that behavior." 

By Ana Dolidze

Sad Stories of Women Artists

A job at the Museum of Arts History and support of the artist husband's career - this is what was meant by the career achievemnt of the woman art historian. 

By Khatuna Khabuliani

My Own Feminism

Why kids would not let me play particular games just because I was fat, why the girl from neighborhood was called a "tomboy" just because she could run fast? 

By Nana Pantsulaia

Nino Burjanadze - Democratic Movement - Program analysis

Women and other vulnarable groups do not have equal access to property rights. It happens to be a male privilege and implemeting any policy that is not gender-sensitive will be damaging especially for women. 

By Anna Iluridze/Read Politics

Free Democrats - Program Analysis

Political ideology of the party is not clearly defined in the program. It is difficult to make conclusions according to the controversial economic and social statements made by the party. 

By Anna Iluridze/Read Politics

Georgian Dream - Program Analysis

According to the number of presented women, Georgian Dream has the worst indicator (12%) among the other parties of coalitions, which will participate in 2016 elections. 

By Anna Iluridze/Read Politics

New Rights Party - Program Analysis

Program refers to women as "different sex" while suggesting a mandatory gender based quotas.  This is quite symptomatic and highlights the fact that women are trully different in the dominant "masculine" political system. 

By Anna Iluridze/Read Politics

Read Politics: Gender-Based Quotas

Article discusses different aspects of gender-based quotas and questions it. Full article is available only in Georgian.

By Anna Iluridze/Read Politics

Reading for Expanding the Battlefield

Reading for Expanding the Battlefield: Politicians do not speak to women. They do not speak about women's issues and their narrative excludes women as political subjects. That is why we have used feminist reading as our methodology to critically analyse political discourse in Georgia.

By Anna Iluridze/Read Politics

I am a Woman, and therefore I am a Feminist

Born and raised in the environment, which seemed to be based on the values of equality, soon I started realizing that I still was a "second sex", which I could not accept. Full post is available only in Georgian.

By Teo Khatiashvili

Being a Girl

I remember how hard the society tried to mould the values and meanings into female and male shapes. Of course, my mind was cultivated with such phrazes too. Article is available only in Georgian.

By Nana Bagalishvili

Trip to Kyrgizstan

Graphic reportage by artist Victoria Lomasco. Full article is available only in Georgian.
By Victoria Lomasko

Trip to Dagestan

Graphic reportage by artist Victoria Lomasco. Full article is available only in Georgian.

By Victoria Lomasko

For the Ones who Suffer from Herpes

The article critically discusses arguments expressed in the blog “Radical silence of a feminist men”. Full version is available only in Georgian.

By Vakhushti Menabde

Call for participants - CSW 60

Heinrich Böll Foundation is an ECOSOC registered organization and we have the ability to register participants for CSW 60. We are pleased to announce call for participants and kindly ask interested organizations to send their requests.

Washing Machine

Post discusses situation of rural women and lack of free time. Without free time, it is impossible to start thinking about political or civil rights. Full post is available in Georgian.

By Vako Natsvlishvili

Radical silence of a Feminist man

Privilege is like herpes - either you have it, or you don't. In both cases, you feel it with your body, but it is rather embarrassing to talk about them. Article is available only in Georgian.

By Gio Megrelishvili

"One does not become, but is born a feminist"

I do not mean to say that being a feminist requires some innate traits, but rather, I argue that equality should be regarded as naturally given to human beings. Full post is available in Georgian.

By David Lobzhanidze

All Issues Are Women's Issues

Just as there are multiple sites of oppression for Armenian women who live under an independent, but male dominated government - there are also multiple sites of resistance.

By Milena Abrahamyan

Climate Change and Women

When we focus on women while writing on a global topic of climate change, one might ask: why only women, if the results of climate change influence lives of men as well? 

By Nino Gamisonia

My Right to Question Inequality

The very first moment when I, as an individual, raised the questions regarding inequality and gender-based violence, serves as the foundation for my transformation into a human rights activist.

By Ana Arganashvili

Short Portrait: Lepa Mlađenović

When on the road to besieged Sarajevo the border police of the Republic of Srpska called out a Muslim woman to step out, Lepa stood up and said: “Take me as well. I am the same as her”.

Quotas for women in politics: Pro et Contra

Are quotas artificial? Do quotas decrease qualifications of the politicians? Do quotas violate rights of the voters? Do quotas increase protests and aggression against women-politicians? These are the questions the author of the article tries to find answers to. Read in Georgian

By Baia Pataraia

Anne Klein Women’s Award 2014

Böll Foundation is pleased to present Anne Klein Women’s Award. The selection of candidates has already started and the deadline is September 30, 2014.

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