50 women of Georgia


Aneta Dadeshkeliani

1872-1922 / Poet / Philanthropist. Aneta Dadeshkeliani wrote poems and published them in the contemporary press. She was in involved in the work of the Society for the Spreading of Literacy among Georgians and took part in their activities. 

By Rozeta Gujejiani, Ketevan Khutsishvili

Julia Mlokosevich

1838-19?? / Biologist. Julia was born in Lagodekhi, Georgia in 1872,  in the family of famous naturalist Ludvig Mlokosevich. She has contributed to establish the Lagodekhi reserved territories. 

By Eva Lomtadze

Zemfira Iolcheva

In those years, when Zemfira decided to become a physician, there were no female surgeons among ethnic minorities. Zemfira's statement to become one was a very daring initiative. 

By Maia Felishvili

Where the Streets are Named after Women

Public spaces are not gender-neutral in Georgia, just like in most places around the world. They are designed for people who are fit, young, healthy and male. But let me give you a few examples of what it means in Georgia specifically.

By Milota Sidorova

50 Women of Georgia

Collection of post cards, which present biographies of 50 women, who have created new things,made discoveries, brought about change and weren't afraid of alterations.

50 Women of Georgia (2013)

(closed project) Under the frameworks of the project herstories of 50 women were collected and printed as post cards with their short biographies.  The list of 50 women covered well-known and less-known women from XIX-XX century Georgia.