Arts and Gender


Natali Djurberg @FeminStream /Art/

Natalie Djurberg is best known for producing claymation short films, where characters have shocking behaviour and do not leave place for morality.  

By Khatuna Khabuliani

Louise Bourgeois’ Spider ‘Maman’ @FeminStream /Art/

'I have been to hell and beck, and let me tell you – it was wonderfull.' Podcast (16) about arts (in Georgian):

By Khatuna Khabuliani

Mother of Georgia and its Critique @FeminStream /Art/

Mother of Georgia and its analogues, creatures of socialist realism, represent illustration of women's stereotypical identity in the respective cultures.  

By Khatuna Khabuliani

Do Women Have to be Naked to Get into the Museum? @FeminStream /Art/

Women's bodies and the history of visual arts - radical feminist collective, Gurilla Girls addressed this issue with famous poster.

By Khatuna Khabuliani

Lia Ukleba

Feminist painter and activist, who is dedicated to support human rights and women’s rights via her work.

Susanna Gyulamiryan

President of the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory, Artistic Director of the “Art Commune” International Artist-in-Residence Program.

Kristine Darchia

Art Historian. Research Interests: Georgian fine arts of 1900-1920 years, gender-related problems in Georgian arts.   

Where are genius women in arts?

Very often, we hear an assumption, that woman painter/composer/writer cannot be a genius. To what extent is this idea wrong? Maybe, we deal with the history fraud.

By Davit Gabunia