Feminist motherhood


Who is the Mother?

The process of naming and defining the Mother is so unconventional, that we can call every newborn girl "a future mother".  

By Tamta Tatarashvili

How to talk about Motherhood?

Issues like motherhood, practice of mothering and labor it involves are naturalized as ordinary processes of women's lives, which should not be talked about. 

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Where does the Mother belong?

In this article I am describing the process of social interaction: on the one hand, how cultural expectations define indivudual fates, and on the other, how individuals reproduce frameworks based on those expectations. Full article is available only in Georgian.

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Who is a Feminist Mother?

When we become mothers ourselves, only than we start to understand our mothers and possibly, rethink attitudes towards her. As a mother of daughter, only after her birth I started realizing that a feminist consciousness will not save us from becoming an allie to the Patriarchy.   

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Letter to My Daughter

"I wish that freedom could be a blank page for you, which you can fill as you wish and write on it, what you desire - fearlessly and freely." Full article is available only in Georgian or could be read in German here.

By Nino Kharatishvili

Beyond the Motherhood Mask

Feminist criticism pushed motherhood discourse beyond the "natural" framework and indicated, that while naturalizing mothering process and labelling mother's labour as 'instinct', we trivialize it and create invincible barriers for those women, who cannot fulfill motherhood obligations so easily. 

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Motherhood as a Political Act

Maybe, intitutionalized image of mother is a tool to maintain control over women? Maybe, motherhood is not the instinct of every woman? And on the other hand, maybe fact and process of motherhood is more empowering for women than it is considered by the patriarchal rights and obligations? 

By Tamta Tatarashvili