Georgian actress


Nino Abashidze-Orbeliani

1838-1919 / Poet, actress. Nino had a difficult and tragic youth. In the 1860s Nino's poems were published in many journals: Tsiskari, Droeba, Iveria, Kvali, Teatri, Teatri da Tskhovreba, Sakhalkho Gazeti, Tsnobis Purtseli, Nakaduli and Jejili.

By Lela Gaprindashvili

Elisabed Cherkezishvili

1863-1948 / Actress. Elisabed entered the Tbilisi theatre troupe in 1886. Among her most popular roles were Khanuma ("Khanuma

By Shorena Gabunia

Nato Gabunia

1859-1910 / Actress. Nato began her acting career at age 16 in Gori and soon after she gained popularity in Tbilisi as well. In 1879 she became a permanent theatre troupe member.

By Shorena Gabunia

Mariam Garikhuli

1883-1960 / Writer, actress. Mariam passionately read both Georgian and Russian literature from an early age and became a civic activist in her youth. Mariam's search for herself in society brought her to the Georgian theatre.

By Ekaterine Pirtskhalava

Mako Sapharova

1860-1940 / Actress. Mako made her successful debut in 1878 in a play by Moliere. In 1879 she became the first permanent member of the Tbilisi theatre troupe. That same year her first benefit performance was staged. 

By Shorena Gabunia

Nato Vachnadze

1904-53 / Actress. The first Georgian movie star.

By Tamta Tatarashvili