Georgian Feminists


When I am not Afraid

The phrase "born for the sake of a boy" is something I am unable to forget. This was the name for girls with elder sisters, coming from the large, boy-less families.

By Ekaterine Skhiladze

Follow the Money

"If we want to change a social behavior, we have to learn how to analyze economic basis of that behavior." 

By Ana Dolidze

Sad Stories of Women Artists

A job at the Museum of Arts History and support of the artist husband's career - this is what was meant by the career achievemnt of the woman art historian. 

By Khatuna Khabuliani

My Own Feminism

Why kids would not let me play particular games just because I was fat, why the girl from neighborhood was called a "tomboy" just because she could run fast? 

By Nana Pantsulaia