Georgian woman painter


Tamar Abakelia

1905-53 / Sculptor, painter. While studying at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, young Tamar attracted the attention of Iakob Nikoladze, who invited her to his studio to learn sculpture.

By Tamta Melashvili

Elene Akhvlediani

1901-75 / Painter. Elene studied at the Tbilisi Academy of Art and in 1922 left for Paris with a group of several other Georgian artists to study.

By Tamta Melashvili

Gayane Khachaturyan

1942-2009 / Painter. Gayane became interested in painting at an early age. She studied formally and prepared to enter the Tbilisi Art Academy but ultimately did not do so at the recommendation of famous artist Aleskandre Bazhbeuk-Melikov, who did not want her to lose her "original vision". 

By Kristine Darchia

Klara Kvees

1903-90 / Painter. Klara was born in Tbilisi to an ethnic Latvian family. In 1921 she entered the Tbilisi Art Academy, from which she was later expelled for her "infatuation with modernist art". 

By Kristine Darchia

Irina Stenberg

1904-85 / Artist, illustrator. Irina was educated in Tbilisi. In the late 1920s she entered the world of the Russian artistic elite.

By Kristine Darchia