Georgian woman writer


Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze

1833-1895 / Writer. In the 1890s, Barbare published a letter about the "women question" titled "A few words for young men", which is rightly considered a manifesto of Georgian feminism. 

By Lela Gaprindashvili

Anastasia Eristavi-Khoshtaria

1868-1951 / Writer. Anastasia was born into an aristocratic family in Gori. She worked as a teacher in her home town and founded a free school for peasant children there. Later she founded the women's organization Mandilosani (1913-14). 

By Ekaterine Pirtskhalava

Gandegili /Domenika Eristavi/

1864-1929 / Writer, translator, journalist.c Writer Domenika Eristavi, who went by the pseudonym Gandegili ("Hermit"), was known as "the Georgian Georges Sand". 

By Eka Tsereteli

Mariam Garikhuli

1883-1960 / Writer, actress. Mariam passionately read both Georgian and Russian literature from an early age and became a civic activist in her youth. Mariam's search for herself in society brought her to the Georgian theatre.

By Ekaterine Pirtskhalava

Despine Gelovani-Banovani

1880-1934 / Writer, public figure. The short stories, sketches, ethnographic works and letters from Lechkhumi of Despine Gelovani (literary pseudonym: Banovani) were published starting in 1898 in Georgian journals. 

By Ekaterine Pirtskhalava

Elisabed /Liziko/ Kavtaradze

1905-88 / Writer, dissident. In 1928 she was arrested in Sukhumi and accused of "anti-Soviet activities". She was first placed in the Metekhi prison in Tbilisi and later, in 1929, sent to Tomsk Region in Russia.

By Irakli Khvadagiani

Nino Nakashidze

1872-1963 / Writer, public figure. She chaired the Society for Women of the Caucasus, sat on the board of the Society for the Promotion of Literacy among Georgians and was a member of the Georgian Writers' Union.

By Eka Tsereteli

Anastasia Tumanishvili-Tsereteli

1849-1932 / Public figure, writer. Anastasia and a group of like-minded people worked tirelessly to improve pedagogical training and education for girls.

By Lela Gaprindashvili

Bertha Von Suttner

1843-1914 / Writer, public figure. A member of Austria's high aristocracy, Bertha was a writer and peace activist who worked as Alfred Nobel's secretary. 

By Tamar Tata Tsopurashvili