Women's political participation


Eva Lomtadze

Member of the Council of the Lagodekhi Municipality. Eva has contributed to the development and activity of non-governmental sector in Lagodekhi. 

Women's Political UnderRepresentation: a Problem or a Pretence

Discussions about representation crisis in the Georgian Parliament has been increased among advocacy groups during the recent years. I claim, that these discussions lacked normative rethinking of the following: Why should women be represented in the parliament? And what threats does their invisibility imply for the democracy?  

By Nazibrola Beridze-Gabaidze

Tamar Zhvania

Chairperson of the Central Election Commission of Georgia. Work topics: Electoral systems, electoral law, democracy and governance, political rights, women’s political participation.

Teona Kupunia

Master of Political Science. Research Interests: Women’s political participation, women rights, political polling, political party building, corporate social responsibility.