Nutsa /Nino/ Ghoghoberidze

1902-66 / film director

Nutsa became the first female Georgian film director at the age of 25. She only shot three films during her career. She filmed her first documentary, "Their Kingdom", together with Mikheil Kalatozishvili. Nutsa's second film was "Buba", with artistic input from D. Kakabadze. It was a documentary/propaganda film with dramatizations (so-called "kulturfilm") of a type common at the time. Her third film, "Ill-tempered", overcame numerous obstacles and appeared on screens in late 1934. It was the first Georgian and the first Soviet feature film directed by a woman.

In the mid-1930s Nutsa was subjected to repressions because of the alleged activities of her husband, party worker Levan Ghoghoberidze, who was executed in 1937. That year Nutsa was sentenced to exile for 10 years and barred from making films. After returning from exile, she made no attempt to re-enter the film industry and instead worked in the lexicography department of the Linguistics Institute.

She is listed neither the Georgian Soviet Encyclopaedia nor any other such reference material, apart from Georgian filmographies.