Tamar Tandashvili

Education: Counseling psychology, psychological anthropology.

Position: Counseling psychologist at WISG; Lecturer of psychological anthropology at the Ilia State University.

Research Interests: Social and historical dimension in constructing Self by Georgian feminist movement actors, cultural vectors of personhood formation among Georgian change-makers, the discursive unfolding of practiced moralities and ethical systems in post-Saakashvili Georgia.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish.

City: Tbilisi

Email:  ttandashvili(at)gmail.com


Psychotherapist and Life Coach. Tamar is teaching her adolescent clients competencies and skills necessary for living in the rapidly changing century. She teaches master-classes on the following topics: Physical and emotional safety of adolescents girls and young female adults; Communication genres with gender tint; Psychological manipulation at the workplace. Time management in the era of advanced technologies; Navigating high intimacy relationships; Uninterrupted attention for strategic personal development. Tamar has published two novels on the lives of women in Georgia. 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tbilisi-Counseling-and-Psychotherapy