Nino Gamisonia

Education: Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences, TSU.

Position: Projects Coordinator at Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA).

Research Interests: Environment protection, climate change, renewable energy, agriculture, gender.

Languages: Georgian, Russian, English.

City: Tbilisi

Email:  ngamisonia(at)


In 1999-2002 Nino worked in the Parliament of Georgia, in the Ad Hoc Commission on Abkhazian Issues. Then in the NGO “Women for Future”, Ministry of Health of Abkhazia, Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia. Since 2006 she works for NGO Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA) as a Projects coordinator. During this time she has participated in different pieces of training of renewable energy and climate change. She is a participant of different international conferences, among them she was actively involved in UNFCCC processes. Since 2016 Nino is the co-author of the project "Women of Georgia".


2014 - Women’s Access to Energy in Georgia – Challenges and Recommendations

2011 - Safeguarding Water and Food from Pollution

2010 - Safe Sanitation  

2010 - Water Characteristics

2010 - Safe Drinking Water - Clean Water Technologies

2009 - Use and Recycling of Ecosan Products in Agriculture