Siran Hovhannisyan

Name: Siran Hovhannisyan

Education: Master of Arts in Social Work

Position: Outreach and PR Coordinator at YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies

Research Interests: Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, Masculinity Studies, Sex-Selective Abortions in Armenia, Social Work Theory, and Feminist Theories in Social Work, Social Work Anti-Oppressive and Anti-Discriminative approaches in Social Work Practice.

Languages: Armenian (native), Russian, French, English, Italian.

City: Yerevan

Email: siranhovhannisyan(at)


Siran Hovhannisyan is a lecturer at the Department of Social Work and Social Technology of Faculty of Sociology at Yerevan State University since 2014. In January 2015 she visited Arizona State University Melikian Center for Russian Eastern and East European Studies as a Visiting Scholar.

As CGLS member Siran Hovhannisyan was in the group of establishment of the first Master Program “Women, Leadership and Development” at YSU Faculty of Sociology. She also has a course in the mentioned Master Program “Women’s Problems in the Health Sphere”. Siran Hovhannisyan was also the part of the Research group on gender Attitudes in Armenian Society.


  1. Hovhannisyan S., Feminist theories: Liberal Feminism (2014), Center for Gender and Leadership Studies, YSU, Yerevan, 9 pages, (Armenian)
  2. Hovhannisyan A., Voskanyan A., Sex-Selective Abortions as Part of Gender-Based Discrimination in Armenian Family (2015), Materials of the Conference on “Gender Issues in Contemporary Armenia” May 11-12, 2015 (in publication, Armenian)