Dako Bakhturidze

Education: MA in Gender Studies, BA of Economic Statistics.                    

Position: National Statistics Office of Georgia, Methodology and Quality Management Unit- Chief Specialist. 

Research Interests: Women’s labor rights, gender based violence, economic empowerment of women.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

City:  Tbilisi

Email:  Dakobakhturidze(at)yahoo.com


She has worked for Economic and business information agency as a journalist. During several years  she was working for various NGOs focusing on media monitoring and human’s rights; as a researcher she has participated in different research projects concerning gender issues. Since 2014 Dako works for Geostat as Chief Specialist. She was one of the co-hosts at “Radio Liberty” for feminist radio program “FeminStream”. Besides her professional career she is a feminist activist, was a member of “Independent Group of Feminists” and is involved in women’s rights movement.


2015 - Woman, Women, Feminisms - Rethinking of Differences in the Feminist Theory.

2010 - “Who or What is Responsible for Violence?!”