Lela Rekhviashvili

Education: PhD candidate in Political Science.

Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher at Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography.

Research Interests: Political-economy of development, institutional transformation in post-socialist region, informal economic practices, social movements, mobility and displacement.

Languages: Georgian, English.

City: Leipzig

Email:  l_rekhviashvili(at)ifl-leipzig.de, lel.rekhviashvili(at)gmail.com


Lela has submitted her doctoral dissertation to the political science department at Central European University in November 2015. Since January 2016 Lela is working as a post-doctoral researcher at Leibniz Institute for Regional geography. Her academic publications discuss impact of institutional change, particularly of marketization policies on informal economic practices, the role of everyday resistance for reconstruction of public space and, forceful displacement. Lela has collaborated with numerous academic, media and non-governmental organisations throughout last years.  Lela’s blogs, articles and public lectures can be viewed at the websites of the Center for Social Sciences, Liberali, Identoba, Lefteast, and EMC.


2015 - Loss and (re)Construction of Public Spaces in Post-Soviet Cities. With Carola Neugebauer, Editorial for special issue of International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy Volume 35, Issue 7/8.

2015 - Marketization and the Public-Private Divide: Contestations between the state and the petty traders over the access to public space in Tbilisi, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy,  Volume 35, Issue 7/8.

2015 - The Politics of Helping: Mobilizing Support for Internally Displaced Persons After the 2008 Russia-Georgia War, Journal of internal Displacement, Volume 5, Number 2.

2013 - Development and the Role of the State; Visions of Post-Revolutionary Georgian Government,  Caucasus Social Science Review, Volume 1, Issue 1.