Natia Mikeladse-Bachsoliani

Education: Diplom Germanist, Leipzig University.

Position: Cultural program coordinator, Goethe Institute Tbilisi.

Interests:  Literary translations from Georgian in German language.

Languages:  Georgian, German, Russian, English.

City:  Tbilisi

Email: natia.mikeladse-bachsoliani(at)


Natia got her undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from the Leipzig University, specialiozation of German Studies and Literature. At the same time, she was working as a translator at the Translator’s Board of Tbilisi.  

Since 1994 up to date, Natia is working at the Goethe Institute Tbilisi at the department of Culture. She has worked on variaour range of projects in the spheres of modern art, architecture, literature, theatre, film and music.  წShe is translating films, plays and various texts.

During her free time Natia works on literary translations. Besides that, Natia is involved in urban civil activism.


List of literary translations is available only in Georgian.