Arevik Martirosyan

Education: MA in Sociology, Yerevan State University.

Research Interests: Contemporary Anarchist Studies, Postcolonial Feminism, Transgender studies, Urban and Media studies, Neo-iberal memory politics in post-soviet countries, Sociology of labor, Sociology of everyday life, Affect of resistance, Body Politics, Commons.

Languages: Armenian, Russian, French, English, Arabic

City: Yerevan

Email: arevikmartirosyan87(at)

Biography: Arevik Martirosyan currently is one of the active feminist-researchers in Armenia. She is an author of several documentaries about political engagement, antimilitarism and feminism. The particular topic of her interest is the influence of the war and security discourses on the political culture in Armenia, as well as environmentalist issues' intersections with capitalist and colonial expansion from Russia and from “the West”. She is a co-founder of several art and fem collectives. Arevik Martirosyan is an initiator of numerous direct actions aiming at occupying and feminizing public space, writing texts and implementing other feminist practices.She is also a member of the resistance samba-group in Armenia ''Revorythms''.


2016 – Co-author and co-producer of the documentary ''Recordless''. The film attempted to identify everyday resistance of womyn to patriarchal repression during imposed military context.

"ONE SHOT" International Short Film Festival, ACCEA Yerevan, nom. Cinema without Borders, special award of President of Festival (2016). 

2015 - Gendered space and political statement in Armenia

2014 - University autonomy and self-organization of students.

2012 - Author of documentary "Being a citizen", exploring the activist initiatives existing in Armenian society. 

2012 - Author of a number of video-interviews "Reconceptualizing national discourse from the perspective of contemporary developments", which was initiated after the DIY bombing and was investigating nationalistic discourse in Armenian context.

2011 - Co-author of the experimental film ''Euphoria'', about the exclusion of street sale womyn to make place for big commercial shops, and their political struggle.

2011 - ''Monitoring as a mechanism of social control''.

2010 - ''The problem of freedom of speech in Armenia, obstacles and consequences''.

2008 - “The Armenian Public Sociological Discourse in the Pre-electional period''.