Sociology of the Georgian Body

Article explores the new Georgian bodies, which have emerged as a result of the merging of global and local values. Full article is available only in Georgian.

By Giorgi Urchukhishvili

Lesbian Feminism and Separation as Political Resistance

One of the most interesting aspects of lesbian feminism is the idea of separatism, which implies emotional, social, sexual, economic and political separation from men and patriarchal institutions. Article is available in Georgian.

By Natia Gvianishvili

Ugly "Beauty" Myths

Beauty myths are used against women, Naomi Wolf States. The article is available only in Georgian.

By Eka Imerlishvili

All Issues Are Women's Issues

Just as there are multiple sites of oppression for Armenian women who live under an independent, but male dominated government - there are also multiple sites of resistance.

By Milena Abrahamyan

My Right to Question Inequality

The very first moment when I, as an individual, raised the questions regarding inequality and gender-based violence, serves as the foundation for my transformation into a human rights activist.

By Ana Arganashvili

Women and Feminism

Chapter from the Georgian translation of publication "Thirty Years of Bundestag Presence: A Tally of the Greens’ Impact on the Federal Republic of Germany’s Political Life and Public Culture". A. Markovits's and J. Klaver's essay.


Where are genius women in arts?

Very often, we hear an assumption, that woman painter/composer/writer cannot be a genius. To what extent is this idea wrong? Maybe, we deal with the history fraud.

By Davit Gabunia