Nino Tkheshelashvili

1874-1956 / public figure

Nino was a supporter of and participant in every endeavour of the Women's Circle. In 1906 she became acquainted with Mariam Demuria and became a teacher at the latter's Sunday school. In parallel, she published academic letters and translations in the journal Nakaduli.

As a suffragette battling for equal rights for women, Nino got involved in the movement started after the 1905 revolution that fought for women's participation in civic and political life. In 1908, alongside the Georgian Women's Equality Union, she declared solidarity with the first women's congress in Russia.

Imbued with this sense of solidarity she and 135 other women founded the Women's Society of the Caucasus. The organization convened periodically met to discuss matters of gender equality in Georgia. The viability of the organization was dependent on Nino's enthusiasm.

She made a name for herself in the public mock trial "Kristina's Trial", which was staged in public theatres.

In the photo, seated are A. Khukhutashvili, A. Tumanishvili-Tseretlisa, E. Gabashvili, K. Meskhi; standing are A. Ghviniashvili, Marijani, D. Akhvlediani, S. Mgeladze, N. Tqeshelashvili and L. Megrelidze