Ekaterine Tarkhnishvili-Gabashvili

1851-1938 / writer, public figure

Ekaterine began her pedagogical work in 1868: she opened Sunday schools. In 1870 she married Aleksandre Gabashvili and soon had a child. Her family duties made it impossible to continue her studies. When she did have the chance to write, she would sometimes send her work to journals and newspapers for publication. Later on, however, she became an active writer and public figure.

Starting in 1882 she was a member of the board of the Society for the Promotion of Literacy among Georgians. In 1897-1922, she headed the Women's Vocational School. In 1872-1905 she founded women's circles and helped set up regional literacy promotion society branches. Through her work and life she strove to convince her contemporaries of the necessity of gender equality. In so doing she opened the eyes of countless women, inspiring them to self-realization and development. 

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