Kristine /Chito/ Sharashidze

1887-1973 / public figure

Kristine became a member of the Social Democratic Workers' Party in 1905. She actively participated in revolutionary demonstrations in Tbilisi in 1905-06 and prepared newspaper materials in this period. In 1919 she was elected to the founding congress of the Georgian Democratic Republic under the list of the Social Democrats. After Georgia's Sovietization she was imprisoned several times. Her family died in the repressions.

At different times she worked at the Museum of History and Ethnography and served as head of the Georgian Language office of the Teachers' House.

In 1941-64 she worked in the manuscript department of the Georgian State Museum and at the Georgian SSR's Academy of Sciences. She did research and wrote important works on the history of Georgian printing; also regional history: southern Georgia and the northern Khevi region. She studied and catalogued over 1,500 manuscripts dating from the 9th to 19th centuries.

In the photo: Founding Congress of the Georgian Democratic Republic