Nino Nakashidze

1872-1963 / writer, public figure

Nino was actively involved in public life from early on. She and her husband personally knew the Russian writer Lev Tolstoy. They also shared many of his views and later faced persecution for this reason. She became especially active in 1905, when she published her first children's stories and began working as a journalist. She was active in the humanities. She was chosen as editor of the journal Nakaduli in 1910 and worked there for many years after. The first Georgian kindergarten was founded at her initiative, as was a children's theatre. 

She chaired the Society for Women of the Caucasus, sat on the board of the Society for the Promotion of Literacy among Georgians and was a member of the Georgian Writers' Union.

In parallel, she wrote not only fiction but also three books of memoir essays.