Mariam Ivanishvili-Demuria

1860-1910 / public figure

Mariam graduated from the Tbilisi Obstetrics Institute and for years worked in the capital, as well as in the western towns of Ozurgeti and Sachkhere.

In her youth she became friends with Ekaterine Gabashvili, Anastasia Tsereteli, Keke Meskhi and other members of her generation's education movement. For many years she was involved in the work of public houses, theatres and libraries. She founded the Avchala Auditorium, which attracted many spectators and fans.

In 1904 Mariam founded the journal Nakaduli, which was published until 1922. A few months after its establishment, the journal started featuring an insert called "Pedagogical Page". Mariam edited the journal from 1906 until her death, after which Nino Nakashidze took up the job.