Salome Asatiani

Education: MPhil in Gender Studies, MA in Media Studies.

Position: Broadcaster, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Georgian Service.

Research Interests: Media Studies, Feminist History and Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Theories of Globalization, Subcultural Studies, Masculinity Studies, Nationalism Studies, Contemporary Political Philosophy.

Languages: English, Russian

City: Prague

Email: asatianis[at]


Salome Asatiani is a journalist, broadcaster and blogger with RFE/RL’s Georgian Service, covering politics, human rights and cultural developments in Georgia. Previously, in 2004-2005, she worked as RFE/RL’s freelancing correspondent, producing a weekly program on tolerance, diversity and Georgia’s minorities. Born in Tbilisi, Salome has an MPhil in Gender Studies from Central European University (with Distinction), a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from Sussex University (with Distinction) and a bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies from Tbilisi State University (also with Distinction). Prior to becoming a journalist, Salome lectured at Tbilisi State University and worked as a DJ at a local rock radio station.

Publications and research projects:

1. Introduction to Havel, Vaclav, “Leaving” (forthcoming, play translated by David Kakabadze).

2. Editor, “South Caucasus at a Crossroad: Thorny Realities and Great Expectations” (2014, Heinrich Boll Stiftung).

3. Introduction to Judt, Tony, “Ill Fares The Land” (2012, Georgian edition).

4. “Impaired Autarkies, Cultural Imports, and Reconfigured Gender: Soviet Georgia &Francoist Spain, 1960s-70s” (research project, 2002-2003).

5. “Prime-Time Morality: Georgia” (2003-2004, international research project, Amsterdam University).

6. “New Hollywood and Images of Masculinity: Mediating Critical Condition” (research project, 2000).

7. “In Search of an Imagined Community: Nationalism and Ethnicity in 1990’s Georgian Cinema” (research project, 1999).