WomenEyes – on the 16th Tbilisi International Film Festival (2015)

(closed project)

By the financial support of South Caucasus Regional office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, cinema art center Prometheus has prepared special gender section under the 16th Tbilisi International Film Festival. Besides screenings, section “WomenEyes” organized public debates with participation of local and regional speakers.

Topic of 2016 year festival was women’s rights and section “WomenEyes” was specially dedicated to it. Project aimed to promote open discussion in wider public and raise awareness on the issues like gender equality, violence against women, women’s political, social and cultural activities, feminism, women’s cinema, women in arts. Project also aimed to support information sharing and networking among the experts from South Caucasus and cinema artists.

Section “Womeneyes“ organized screening of 7 films about the women’s rights issues, gender based violence and women’s public activity. The list of films:


  1. Barash - Michal Vinik, Israel, 2015, 81’
  2. As I Open My Eyes - Layla Bouzid, Tunisia/France/Belgium, 2015, 102’
  3. Much Loved - Nabil Ayouch, France/Morocco, 2015, 103’
  4. Dog - Esen Işik, Switzerland, 2015, 98’
  5. Paulina – Santiago Mitre, Argentina/Brazil/France, 2015, 103’   
  6. Wanja – Carolina Hellsgård, Germany, 2015, 87’
  7. No Land’s Song - Ayat Najafi, Germany/France/Iran, 2014, 91’
  8. Blood Sisters – Malin Andersson, Sweden, 2015, 83’
  9. India’s Daughter – Leslee Udwin, UK/India, 2015, 63’

3 question-answer sessions were held after the screenings:

  1. Wanja (Carolina Hellsgard/Director) - Germany/2015
  2. Blood Sisters (Malin Andersson/Director)- Sweden/Ireland/Norway/Finland/France/2015
  3.  India’s Daughter (Riddhi Jha/Producer) – UK/2015

Also, 3 panel discussions were organized:

  1. Identity formation in a family, based on experience of South Caucasus countries;
  1. Gender-based violence and women’s rights in the legislative system;
  2. Women in Cinema.