Marieta Bazinyan

Education:  MA student of Oriental Studies, Yerevan State University

Position: co-founder/editor at website

Research Interests: Medieval Islamic political thought, Mytho-political aspects of Islam, Contemporary Islamic movements and trends, Ideologies, Nationalism, Middle Eastern studies.

Languages: Armenian, English, Russian, Arabic, German

City: Yerevan, Armenia



In 2013, Marieta cofounded bilingual online platform, which aims to become a bridge between scholars and students of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern studies in Armenia and worldwide.

Her current MA thesis she is studying the ways how Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is adapting religious texts to construct the specific type of collective identity.

Supported by the South Caucasus Regional Office of Heinrich Boll Foundation, during November-December 2015, Marieta works as an intern at the Cultural Studies Institute, Department of Humanities of the Tbilisi State University, under the frameworkს of the project “Strategies of Armenian-Georgian Cooperation through Academia and Student Inclusion”