Salome Khvadagiani

Education: BA International Relations, MA in Nationalism and Ethnicity Studies, PhD student of Cultural Studies.

Position: Head Executive of the NGO “Cooperation for Peace and Progress”

Research Interests: Nationalism, identity issues, religion as a marker of identity.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian, French, Abkhazian (beginner)

City: Tbilisi

Email:  khvadagiani.s(at)


NGO “Cooperation for Peace and Progress”, where Salome works as an executive director, has three-year experience as a “Youth Study Group of Abkhazian and South Ossetian Issues”. NGO is conducting two very important projects - “Gori Lectures: Unknown Soviet Past'' and “Unknown Soviet Histories”.

Supported by the South Caucasus Regional Office of Heinrich Boll Foundation, during November-December 2015, Salome works an intern at the Yerevan State University, Centre for Civilization and Cultural Studies under the frameworks of the project “Strategies for Armenian-Georgian Cooperation through Academia and Student Inclusion”.


2015  - “Dead Aid: The Impact of Culture on the Political Outcomes”;  

2015 - “Religion as a Marker of Identity for Georgians (1860-1918)” (2015);  „ Formation of Civic Nationalism: Elite’s national policy and and the Factors Affecting it (1990s-2000s Georgia)”.