Anna Dziapshipa

Education: Art Historian, Documentary filmmaker

Position: Founder of SakDoc Film

Research Interests: Memory, Identity, Borders, Home, Archives etc.

Languages: English, Russian

City: Tbilisi

Email: anna[at]

Biography:  Anna Dziapshipa has an experience and professional biography in art history, film producing, cultural management and experimental video. She is co-founder of documentary film company SakDoc Film. Anna holds a master’s degree in Art History.  In 2009 she conducted the first Documentary Film Pitching Forum Pitch.Doc as part of Tbilisi International Film Festival. Anna also was coordinating various trainings and workshops. Currently she teaches Film producing course in GIPA and works on her personal projects a director. She is collaborating for various organizations like Indigo, Chai-khana etc. writing articles, making photo, video and multimedia projects. Her projects are part of various local and international exhibitions and forums. She is one of the founders of Abkhazian Virtual Archives