Ana Diakonidze

Name: Ana Diakonidze

Education: Ph.D. Sociology, MSc Social Policy

Position: Associate Professor, Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)

Research Interests: Social Policy in transition economies, new forms of labour, employment policy

Languages: Georgia, English, Russian

City: Tbilisi


Biography:  Ana is a social policy researcher with special focus on labor and employment policy and development issues. In 2018 Ana received a PhD in Sociology at Tbilisi State University. Apart from this, she has received experience in studies and research in social sciences at the universities of Leuven (Belgium, 2007-2008), Free University of Brussels (Belgium, 2015), King’s College London (the UK, 2014), Magdeburg (Germany, 2016). Currently, Ana is the head of Sociology program at GIPA and is an invited lecturer at Tbilisi State University and Georgian-American University. She also cooperates as an independent consultant with state and non-state, international organizations like Parliament of Georgia, Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, European Union, the World Bank, UNDP, UN Women, ETF, and others.


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