Milota Sidorova

Professional moving within interdisciplinary aspects of city and urban planning. ​From 2011​​-2015​ she​ served as a​ coordinat​or for ​reSITE. ​I​n 2013 she was awarded Fulbright scholarship to study urbanism in New York City. In 2014 she finished doctoral studies in landscape architecture on the topic: Catalytic impacts of markets on public spaces.

Since 2012 she has been mapping actors in non-governmental sector engaged with public space in Bratislava and Prague. In 2015 she founded initiative Zeny prazskeho verejneho priestoru, a network promoting active women in architecture, urban planning and development of community life. Milota also lectures at various universities and institutions across Central Europe. She cherishes interdisciplinary research that she likes to combine with execution of different projects. Her focus often lies on communication, facilitation, coordination, role of the culture in urban development, sector blending with particular interest on empowering non-governmental sector and civic initiatives in the field of urban development.