Nona Shahnazaryan
NONA Shahnazaryan

Nona Shahnazaryan is an associate researcher at The National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan, Armenia and Center for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg, Russia. She was a foreign visiting fellow at UCLA on Fulbright program (2006-2007), at SRC Hokkaido University, Japan (2011-2012), at Halle-Saale, DAAD, Germany (2012), at Higher School of Social Sciences, EHESS, Paris (2013), at Academic Swiss Caucasus Network, Fribourg University, Switzerland (2015) and at Armenian Research Center, Dearborn-Michigan University, USA (2015). She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Russia, Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno-Karabagh and has published on the issues of gender, war, migration, memory, and diaspora in the Caucasus and Russia. She published her numerous academic articles and books:

In the Tight Embrace of Tradition: War and Patriarchy, 2011. St. Petersburg: “Aleteia” (240 Pp.).

Memory and War: Armenian District through the Lens of Everyday Life. 2013. Kasnodar: Studia PontaCaucasica “Manuscript” (172 pp.).

She runs the regional office of the Women in War Think Tank in Yerevan since 2015.