Motherhood as a Political Act

Maybe, intitutionalized image of mother is a tool to maintain control over women? Maybe, motherhood is not the instinct of every woman? And on the other hand, maybe fact and process of motherhood is more empowering for women than it is considered by the patriarchal rights and obligations? 

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Swim Against the Flow!

It is very difficult to swim against the flow, but especially when you do it alone. 

By Sofo Japaridze

When I am not Afraid

The phrase "born for the sake of a boy" is something I am unable to forget. This was the name for girls with elder sisters, coming from the large, boy-less families.

By Ekaterine Skhiladze

Follow the Money

"If we want to change a social behavior, we have to learn how to analyze economic basis of that behavior." 

By Ana Dolidze

Sad Stories of Women Artists

A job at the Museum of Arts History and support of the artist husband's career - this is what was meant by the career achievemnt of the woman art historian. 

By Khatuna Khabuliani

My Own Feminism

Why kids would not let me play particular games just because I was fat, why the girl from neighborhood was called a "tomboy" just because she could run fast? 

By Nana Pantsulaia

I am a Woman, and therefore I am a Feminist

Born and raised in the environment, which seemed to be based on the values of equality, soon I started realizing that I still was a "second sex", which I could not accept. Full post is available only in Georgian.

By Teo Khatiashvili

Being a Girl

I remember how hard the society tried to mould the values and meanings into female and male shapes. Of course, my mind was cultivated with such phrazes too. Article is available only in Georgian.

By Nana Bagalishvili

Trip to Kyrgizstan

Graphic reportage by artist Victoria Lomasco. Full article is available only in Georgian.
By Victoria Lomasko

Trip to Dagestan

Graphic reportage by artist Victoria Lomasco. Full article is available only in Georgian.

By Victoria Lomasko

Women and Mass Media

In advertising and magazines, women are usually portrayed as young, slim and with beauty that meets the accepted standards. Women with this kind of appearance are often associated with sex objects.

By Anna Davtyan-Gevorgyan

Myths about "Dangers" of Feminism in Armenian Society

The presentation of myths about feminism circulated in the Armenian society should start from the study of stereotypes in countries where feminist approaches have received extensive legal and cultural legitimization.

By Anna Voskanyan

Radical silence of a Feminist man

Privilege is like herpes - either you have it, or you don't. In both cases, you feel it with your body, but it is rather embarrassing to talk about them. Article is available only in Georgian.

By Gio Megrelishvili

"One does not become, but is born a feminist"

I do not mean to say that being a feminist requires some innate traits, but rather, I argue that equality should be regarded as naturally given to human beings. Full post is available in Georgian.

By David Lobzhanidze

Short Portrait: Lepa Mlađenović

When on the road to besieged Sarajevo the border police of the Republic of Srpska called out a Muslim woman to step out, Lepa stood up and said: “Take me as well. I am the same as her”.

Quotas for women in politics: Pro et Contra

Are quotas artificial? Do quotas decrease qualifications of the politicians? Do quotas violate rights of the voters? Do quotas increase protests and aggression against women-politicians? These are the questions the author of the article tries to find answers to. Read in Georgian

By Baia Pataraia